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With over a decade of burlesque performance experience, as well as mentoring countless students over years the Ariel bring a level of professionality, poise, and to her instructing and coaching. 

Act Coaching

• $100/hr

Do you have a routine that could use some fine-tuning and sparkle? Ariel offers her expertise to elevate your performance, whether it's by adding depth to your characters, brainstorming engaging storylines, or refining your movements.

Virtual or in person at Vancouver Burlesque Co. 

Act Building and Choreography

 • $425- 1 Zoom session and 3 in-person sessions.
Additional sessions may be added at $100 / hr. 

Are you eager to create a captivating act but feeling lost on how to begin? Or perhaps you already have an outline in mind, but you're seeking guidance on direction, costumes, and choreography?
Look no further, Ariel here to guide you!

Our process kicks off with a Zoom session where we'll delve into your vision, brainstorm ideas, and outline a strategic plan. Following that, we'll schedule three in-person sessions to bring your act to life, complete with choreography and all the finishing touches.


 In her coaching, Ariel holds such an incredible wealth of information, & teaches in a relaxed, fun, & accessible way. If you’re wanting to learn burlesque or you are putting on a show, I 10/10 recommend Ariel.
-Amethyst Howl

Ariel's passion for burlesque and for teaching was contagious and she made the class a safe, welcoming space to explore a side of myself that I have been eager to meet. It can be nerve-wracking to try new things, but Ariel was so generous in her knowledge and expertise and truly allowed me to feel more confident in myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed her Introduction to Burlesque classes, and I can't wait to sign up for more. I would highly recommend Ariel's classes as she makes them interesting, fun, and accessible.
- Jay Walker

Ariel is a great teacher who combines being both fun and informative. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a total beginner, you’ll definitely get something out of learning from Ariel. If you’re curious about the history of burlesque or just want an opportunity to create an alter-ego, I highly recommend enrolling in the Intro class! Ariel creates a super welcoming environment for beginners to learn, laugh, and shake some… tassels.

Do you want to learn to flirt with a fan, bewitch with a boa, or twirl some tassels?
Check out the classes and workshops Ariel is currently offering through the VBC.

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With 10 years of performing under her garter belt, Ariel can help hone an existing number or conceptualize your newest creative venture. 

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Are you planning a bachelorette, a birthday, or just a Saturday with your besties?
Ariel will take your event from average to adventurous with her teaching skills

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