How To Tour + Get Booked Online Video

How To Tour + Get Booked Online Video

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Did you miss the “How to Tour + Get Booked” workshop? Do not fret! You can still attend this class from the comfort of your living room!

Are you a newer performer wanting to travel and get booked outside of Vancouver? A seasoned performer who wants to make a mark in other countries? This is the workshop for you!
Ariel Helvetica has toured and performed extensively in shows and festivals around the world and for the first time ever is sharing her secrets to success in burlesque.

A shortlist of what is covered:
-festivals, are they worth it?
-what are my rates?
-are contracts necessary?
-can I afford this?
-social media
-how to approach producers
-what to pack
-where do I stay?
-how to create a successful tour
-border crossings
-how to get asked back

Bring your notebooks and take in all of the info Ariel has worked years to acquire.
This two-hour session also includes a question and answer with Ariel to get all the info you've been waiting for!